One Week Away!

First of all, Happy Father’s Day!!  Love my dad and my grandad and couldn’t be more thankful for them 🙂

Just logged on here to say that there is only one more week til I’ll be in Rome! I’m leaving Saturday morning and will be there on Sunday morning! Crazy! I’m really nervous and I just finished UNpacking from college, and the thought of packing back up again is giving me a headache! I will most definitely forget many important things…I’m counting on it.  I’m also gonna miss Kevin and my family A LOT so please keep me in your prayers! Pray that God calms my nerves and allows to me to enjoy Italy, being fully present there, mind and body.  I pray that He also uses me there, showing me what He wants me to see, and teaching me what He wants me to learn. Even though I’ll be studying math, I know that everywhere I go is an opportunity to learn about God’s love and grace, and show it to others.

Well, that is all that’s on my mind right now. Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday! ❤86440001

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  1. that’s so exciting! i’m so jealous you’re going to rome/italy. have fun!!

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