Here Safe!!

here are just a few photos of the trip so far! the view of the buildings is what i can see from my bedroom window! 🙂

more later! gotta go to dinner! 🙂 yumm can’t wait!

  1. Grandma said:

    Great that you are there safe and sound. Now have fun! I tried to Skype you this morning and left you a message. Love you lots.

  2. Grandad said:


    Inviaci un po ‘di immagini, guardare te stesso e dopo veramente godere il vostro soggiorno in Italia.
    Godetevi la vostra cena.

    Miss you, Amore nonno.

  3. Kevin said:

    i couldnt even tell what your rabbit was at first! ha have a great time brynn!

    love you much

  4. Uncle adam said:

    So glad to here u are in italy safe and sound….i tried calling you saturday but you were already in route on your fantastic journey….jill and i have you in our prayers and miss you all the time…soak it all up me lovely brynn!
    Love to you
    Uncle ‘A oxox

  5. mom said:

    LOVE the airplane wing!!!! Want to see more of “Leanardo!!!” He looks like he’s been blinded by the airplane toilet and a camera flash here!!!! ha!!! That’s soooooo funny!!! So glad you are safe and I’ve finally figured out how to post (I’ve been leaving my comments on individual pics, by clicking them!) love, mom oxoxoxoxoxo

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