Second Day Here!


So I woke up really early today (before 7) and I couldn’t go back to sleep, probably because of the long nap I took. We don’t start class today until 2:30 because we’re all jet lagged, and it’s more of a tour of Rome than class. So I got ready, went downstairs from my apartment and got a cappuccino at the cafe directly next door…it was SO good! Now I’m tired again, and waiting for all my roommates to be ready so that we can go to the outdoor market and get some groceries!

Anyways, last night’s welcome dinner was AMAZING. It was exactly how you would imagine eating at a nice restuarant in Italy. Ivy and flowers crawling up the brick walls, waiters with scarfs around their necks, chefs with the large white hats peaking out the doors, and a cool breeze to make the warm summer night more bearable. But the best part was the FOOD! We started with bread (no butter…it’s not how they do it here) and a platter with ricotta cheese and salami and other goodies. Then pizza after pizza kept coming out of the kitchen for us to try. And they were DELICIOUS! Overall, I felt like I was in a dream….it was that great.


So I got back like 40 minutes ago from going grocery shopping (got fresh bread, salami, ricotta cheese, pesto, fruit, and espresso).Β  I already tried some of it and it’s all sooo good.Β  And not even very expensive! Now we’re all waiting to start our welcoming tour of Rome at 2:30…I hope I don’t fall asleep! I’m really tired already…the long flight and time change definitely messed with my sleeping/health habits. Hopefully I’ll get a lot of sleep tonite so that tomorrow I feel normal again. Anyways, here are some pictures that I took at dinner and on the way to dinner! Enjoy! Ciao!

  1. Grandad said:


    Sembra che si stanno avendo un grande momento, la speranza che si godono il roaming Roma.

    Love you, nonno.

  2. Grandma said:

    It’s so great to be able to follow your path around Rome. Hopefully we can connect on Skype some time this week. Love the pictures and it’s good to know you are not starving! Mangia bene, vivi felice. Love you, Nonna

  3. Uncle adam said:

    Heya Brynna…..ima glada youa likinga da fooda ina Roma anda youra picatureas ara amazinga….youa gotta youra momma anda grandadadas eyesa fora da filma…keepa uppa da inaformativa bloggas…byea da waya, whata da hecka ara mya momma anda papa sayin’a????

    Lova youra uncle’a Adama OXOX’a πŸ˜‰

  4. the Jacobs fam said:

    Hi Brynn,

    Your mom gave me your blog “address” and I’ve so enjoyed following your travels thus far. How exciting!! It looks sooooo beautiful there. Our family is praying for you and we are looking forward with great anticipation to all that God has in store for you on this trip!

    God bless you!
    Debi Jacobs and family

  5. Dadio said:

    Brynny, Im such a moron I left my comment on
    the wrong spot, but I will continue to keep trying
    my hand at this computer stuff. I just keep thinking
    how proud I am of you! And Im a little jealous at the same time. Just think about all the amazing
    bike rides I could be doing over there, oh well maybe
    some day! Love you too much. DAD
    PS I wish I could speak Italian like grand dad and Adam.

  6. Brynn said:

    thanks for all the comments πŸ™‚ grandad, i don’t know what you’re saying! i only speak uncle adam’s version of italian! ha!
    thank you so much for the prayers debi! i really really appreciate them!
    and dad, i miss you SOO much! i know you would love it here and i wish so badly you and mom and kevin (and ian i guess…lol) could be here and see it! love you so much and am so proud that you’re learning your computer! πŸ™‚

    wish you all could be here!
    love you all! ❀

    • Grandad said:


      Just go to Google like I did and translate it back to English (copy and paste into their window)

      Just having fun with you. Will comment in English next time (maybe throw in a word or two in Google Italian)

      Love you, Nonno. (Grandfather)

  7. brobro said:

    Hey Brynn,
    Thought I’d leave a comment on your blog as everyone keeps asking me if I look at it…guess they think I’m from the stone age. These blog things are kinda foreign to me though, as I normally just follow you on the adult-forbidden website called Facebook, HAHAHAHA.

    Because I get the privilege of looking at your pictures on two sites, I can say it truly looks like you’re going to have an awesome time. Wish I was there…or maybe I am there/here to keep you safe….you’ll never know, muahahahahaha!

    Love you Sis

  8. Su said:

    Nice picture. Nice blog too. It is appreciated.

  9. Janyce said:

    Hi Brynn,

    Your Mom shared your blog with me πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to keep up with your adventures in Italy! How exciting… you must be having a blast! If you find some extra time – try to visit all of the neighboring cities! I’m so jealous of all of the great food… when I was in Florence a couple of years ago – I think I ate gelato and pasta every day! The one thing I missed mostly was “flat water” – all of that bubbly water was such a surprise!

    Well I wish you safe travels… it looks like you have tons of people keeping up with you! Keep posting some more pictures… I can’t wait to see them!

    Janyce πŸ™‚

    PS: I couldn’t agree with your bro more… I think Facebook is more popular – but a blog is much more fun!!! πŸ™‚

  10. mom said:

    Oh yeah!!! I think my comment leaving FINALLY worked!!!!! I was clicking on your pictures, individually, and leaving comments on different pics? and none have showed up?? so I think I need to just comment on the blog page and not click a picture!!! I’m such a nerd!!! I’m so excited to see everyone’s posts and to see that you are doing well!! I’m soooooooo excited for you and have you on my mind and in my prayers constantly πŸ™‚ You are the best!!! My Brynnie Girl………… love you, mom oxox

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