More Pictures!

I’m too tired to write a lot, but I wanted to share some new pics! Everything here has been great! Exhuasting, but great! All I have been doing today is working on homework though…not fun! Class tomorrow, and possibly breach on friday if the weather is nice! It rained today! Crazy! Well, hope you enjoy these pics! I’m loving Rome!! 🙂

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  1. mom said:

    Dear Sis, I’m attempting, one more time, to leave you a comment (I’ve left 6!! and none have come through??) I love you so much!! and miss you so much!! I’m sooooooooooooo proud of you and can’t believe you are there!!! I LOVE your visual take on Italy, so far!!! Beautiful!!!! LOVE the skies!! We had beautiful skies, yesterday too!! just like you! Love the little cobblestone streets and the way you captured the buildings. good composition 🙂 I hope you are learning a lot and I hope you get to go to the beach!!! We all looked at your blog tonight and we all wish we were with you, but this is so cool to see your progress!!! love, mom oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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