Okay, Here’s a Real Update!

So last night, I was practically falling asleep while posting the pictures so I didn’t write a very useful blog update! And I didn’t even include half of the pictures I wanted to! (We went to a lot of places that day….we just walked through the center of Rome and saw many beautiful things). Anyways, these last couple days have been pretty unexciting since we have had a lot of homework assigned…yesterday that is practically all we did! We have been constructing so many shapes but the only thing we can use is a straightedge and a compass, the way Plato decreed that all legitimate geometrical constructions should be made. That means no measuring. So if you want to draw a square, you have to the construction to get a line of equal length 4 times, and do the construction to make them perpendicular to each other 4 times. We’re using a program called Geometer’s Sketchpad, and even though we have the help of a computer…it’s not any easier than how the ancient Greeks and Romans did their math.  Here’s an example of one of the problems we have done! (how to find the “orthocenter” of any triangle. i had to carefully construct each and every one of those light gray circles and lines just to find that middle point, which is the intersection of perpendicular lines from each vertex to its opposite side.)Picture 1

Still have a lot more to work on but it’s not due til Sunday night at least. From now on we’ll have a lot less homework.  Today we had class at the American University in Rome, where we learned about the geometry used in architecture here and how certain patterns and shapes are pleasing to the eye, such as the Golden Ratio.  “Mathematical Beauty”.  Then we had a small break and had a class to learn some Italian.  It’s a good thing, because I feel like such a tourist as I give people blank stares when they ask me questions when I order food or coffee! Ha!

I have had some fun here though! On Tuesday night, me and my roommates made our way to Piazza di Santa Maria….a square in Trastevere (our section of Rome) which has an amazing night life!  We went to a restaurant and had a fun experience ordering food (and some vino 😉 ).  Tip: if you don’t want to pay 4 euros for bread, tell them you don’t want it! Because they will just bring it! Ha.  Then we got gelato and walked around (Nutella Gelato = amazing!!).  It was late at night, but the weather was perfect and there were so many people, especially college students, you would think that Italians never sleep! (But then you are reminded when you try to get some food at 2pm and all the shops are closed! Siesta!).  After that, we walked by the Tiber River under the bridge, where there were tons of shops set up and little areas to lounge, it was a beautiful sight! Everything was lit up and so pretty! I wish I had pictures of that, but I didn’t bring the camera (it’s my moms and I didn’t wanna risk bringing it out at night!)

Anyways, tonight we are all working on homework, but going to get some dinner soon at “Pizza Boom!”…lol.  It’s a little pizza place next door to our apartment and it looks really good! I just like saying the name though…extra emphasis on the BOOM! Ha.

Well here are the pictures from the other day that I didn’t post! Enjoy! Miss you all! Family, friends and Kevin.

Ciao! Buona serata!

  1. Grandad said:


    So glad you are having a great time.
    I know what you mean about those math problems, no sweat, do it all the time. Takes about 5 minutes to do that thing-a-me-jig center of a triangaly what-you-me-call-it.
    How brilliant can you get Brynn, I will just stick to my 1930’s center punch, guess and hit it with a great big hammer.
    Very nice images, don’t know why you are messing with all this math stuff, just go team up with Mum.

    Avrei potuto giurato nonna e io ho una bella macchina a prendere in Italia ??????????
    (I could have sworn Grandma and I got you a nice camera to take to Italy ??????????)

    Ciao! Buona serata!

    Love, Grandad.

  2. Kevin said:

    that picture with the angel holding the cross looks very familiar! say from angels and demons? ha it all looks so amazing and wish I could be there to enjoy all that with you, hope your not forgetting about the holga! 🙂 cant wait to just view all the pictures on a slide show rather than going back and forth between pages to see larger images of them ha

    glad i get to talk to you at least once a day, its not as bad as i thought it would be since you have internet access all the time, still miss seeing you tho! be safe and never let your guard down! but have fun too!

    te amo mucho! thats spanish but close enough 🙂
    ciao bella!

  3. Uncle adam said:

    Brynna…..whatsa wida alla disa matha stuffa?…..Howa youa gonna hava funa wida alla disa homaworka…..I’a gonna senda ova soma friendsa mina, Luigi anda Vinni, to’a talka to’a youra proafessa anda youa wonta hava to’a worra abouta noa mora homaworka

    I Lova da filma ofa Roma…..remindsa me’a ofa mya mamasa pasta

    lova you’a oxox Uncle’a Adama

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