The Colosseum

This post is entirely dedicated to pictures taken at and around the Colosseum…the excursion we went on yesterday! Today, we tried to go to Museum Capitoline, but….bum bum bum….it was closed. Why? Because Obama is in Rome. So we went to the Roman Forum again, and half-way through got kicked out….because again, they were closing it down for Obama. I’ll spare you the rant! lol…I think we might go back tonite, because if not we will probably not get a chance to explore this museum, one of the world’s oldest, with some of the most historical statues and artifacts, such as the famed Roman she-wolf statue, the “Capitoline Wolf”, which supposedly dates back to the 5th century BC.

Anyways, the Colosseum was amazing….scorching hot…but amazing.  Less of it is intact than I anticipated, but it was so cool to see famous stadium and to observe the comparisons between it and modern day stadiums.  Did you know that each arch on the lower level has a Roman numeral written above it, so that the people knew where their seats were? And there are engravings along the lower level (“the choice seats”) that indicate which famous person sat in that section. The most interesting thing that I learned was that they have found plants in the Colosseum that are not found in any other part of Italy! They are thought to have been brought in accidentally by all of the exotic animals and people that were brought in from all parts of the world to fight and entertain the Romans. So interesting. I still have a hard time fully comprehending the age and significance of the structure, having never been to many buildings more than a couple centuries old.  I wished the whole time that my brother, Max, would have been there with me, to give me more of a history lesson along the way.  Mathematically, we learned about the architecture and shape of the structure, and how it can’t be discerned if it is an oval or an ellipse.  If it is an oval, they used a method other than the ones that we knew were familiar at the time.  And if it is an ellipse, we don’t know how they had even rows of seats around the whole inside, as there is no such thing as perfectly concentric ellipses. Interesting, yes?

Anyways, hope you enjoy the pictures! Much love to you all! 🙂

  1. Kevin said:

    awesome post! and those facts about the coloseum are interesting, same details they put into stadiums now with the numbered seatings and etc, cool! wish i was there to enjoy them with you!

    miss you! xoxo

  2. mom said:

    Sis!! This is such a cool post! Interesting facts. Don’t you love that? wow? unusual plants to this day? and the whole seating thing is so amazing, as this is obviously where we get all of this today in our venues? wow. I wish Max was also there, as I know he would be in extra awe, knowing he has studied and loved ancient Rome! Could you just feel the music from Gladiator? ! ha!! beautiful pics and feel for The Colloseum here. Beautiful skies you have – although so hot 🙂 I love you and wish I was with you, in my usual state of “math confusion” 🙂 mom ox

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