Best Weekend Ever.

Words can’t even describe the adventure I just came back from. But I will do my best, starting at the beginning.

So we wake up friday morning at 4:30am to meet the other people at the bus stop at 5:30am, to catch our train to Napoli at 6:30am. Unfortunately, half of the other people didn’t show up til 5:50am, causing us to miss our train. It definitely tested my patience more than a little, as I am never one to be untimely and miss shows/planes/trains, etc. But you should have seen us, running through the metro station and up the stairs to the outside, sprinting to the train station with all of our luggage on our backs, only seconds to spare, praying our train was stalled a little. It wasn’t. However, we boarded the next train which was set to leave at 7:30, as we learned from the ticket counter that you can only exchange tickets on the actual train. After waiting on the train for 30 minutes for the guy to come around and let us pay to exhange, the train took off, leaving me in a state of panic, but supressed by the few hours of sleep I had. We all sat in the only empty seats we could find, scattered throughout the cabin. I felt like a criminal, but was too tired to care. Luckily, it worked out, and for 1.60 euros each, we were able to keep our seats. Apparantly this is common in Europe!

After that, everything started looking up! Within 2 hours, we arrived in Napoli, got something to eat, and boarded the regional train to Pompei. All ten of us (8 girls and 2 guys) walked around for a few hours, got a little sunburnt, and saw a lot of amazing things. I wished we would have known a little more about what we were seeing, but we could barely afford entrance, let a lone a tour guide! So me and my roommate Jen made up some history about Napoli, including tales of midgets to explain the small doorways, and pizza sauce stains to explain the red rocks.  It kept us entertained! Max, my brother with a history degree, would probably shake his head at us! At least we were able to spot Ionic columns and Roman arches!  Ha! Anyways, we probably left around 3:30pm, to catch the same train which took us another 3o minutes into San’Agnello, the town right next to Sorrento, where we stayed the night at 7Hostel.  As you could imagine, we were SO tired when we got their, but so thrilled to see how nice the hostel was! It was amazing! Look it up online, it looks exactly how the pictures do! We all took about an hour and a half to shower and rest before leaving to walk to Sorrento for dinner.

In Sorrento, we found a really yummy restaurant where we got pizza and pasta and tiramisu, it was all so good! And not too expensive either! Sorrento is so beautiful, with lemon and orange trees lining the streets, a view of the ocean and a light sea breeze. Sorry to say, but it beats Rome by about a million points! When we got back to the Hostel there was already live music playing at the restaurant they have inside, and it was really fun to watch for a bit! A couple of us walked across the street to the soccer field to watch a local adult league play! Then we went up to the roof and enjoyed the view and were able to look down at the band from the top. It was really cool! It was like no hostel I have heard of before! Sleep there was great also. Two words: AIR CONDITIONING! Ha, we woke up at 8:30, and got our free breakfast (coffee, cereal and croissants) and headed out to take the train to the Sorrento Pier.

When we finally got there, we were approached by a boat rental company.  We knew we wanted a boat tour of the island of Capri, but wanted to get a good deal though! We were planning on taking the ferry to Capri and then looking for a deal there.  But the ferry alone would have cost 30 euros round trip! These guys were offering us two boats (5 ppl each), the ride to and from Capri, and the whole day (as long as wanted, anywhere we wanted). It would have been around 67 euros each, but with some negotiating on how many drivers we wanted and some haggling by my roommate Amy (which we were advised to do), we were able to get 2 boats, 1 captain and the whole day for 50 euros each! And if that seems like a lot, let me tell you, it was worth it! I would have payed 100 euros for the experience that we got!

I’ll just say a few words about the the boat trip, cus I think the pictures will speak for themselves! So on my boat, my other roommate Jen was the captain, but don’t worry! She grew up boating and sailing with her family, was a junior sailor, and sails boats regularly, as well as having driven a motor boat before! She was a great driver, even the guide on the other boat was super impressed! Her skills, including being able to drive through a cave after him and back out of a grotto like he did, made him say “Now that is a girl I can marry.”  Ha!!  On the way to Capri I got a little seasick, but only when we got there! It was not pretty, but I wouldn’t have traded the trip. We stopped on the island for about an hour to get gelato (lemon is the best! it’s what Capri is known for!) and pizza (it was gorgeous!) and then rode around the whole entire island! The trip to and from Capri takes about 45 minutes, no stops and about 1 1/2 when we stopped to learn about some things we saw and even swim in the Mediterranean! The whole time I think all of us were smiling ear to ear, just because of how beautiful everything was! We were able to see tons of caves (even swim through one called the Grotto Verde (Green Grotto). It was amazing! I wished so bad that all of my friends and family could be there with me to see it!

Anyways, we got back to Sorrento around 5:45, took a taxi to the hostel to pick up our stuff and change out of our swim clothes, ran to the train station, rode 1 hour to Napoli, and made it in time for our 8:30 train. We arrived in Rome around 11, and then took the bus to the tram, and the tram back to our apartment. If anything, I am becoming quite accustomed to public transportation and tons of walking! It was an exhausting 48 hours, but SO worth it! It felt like we were there longer, and I wish we were! I promised myself I would go back another time in my life, I have to! Anyways, hope you enjoy the pictures!

P.S. I went to mass this morning at a beautiful old church in Rome, but I will post those pics and that story later! Much love to all! 🙂

  1. mom said:

    WOW! WOW! WOW!! WE ARE HERE AND WAITING TO SKYPE WITH YOU BRYNNIE!!! WE CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DID THIS AMAZING EXCURSION!!!! YEAH!!! YOU ARE AN OFFICIAL ADVENTURER 🙂 SOOOOOOOO VERY PROUD OF YOU and can see in the beautiful images your beautiful face and the longing you must feel to share this with us all. oxoxoxoxoxo We are so glad it went like a dream and that you are safe back in Rome!! I think you will have more adventures before you leave, for sure!!!!! One down – more to go!!! love you Brynn!!! miss you!!! mom, dad and ian oxoxo

  2. Dadio said:

    Brynny, I’m so glad I got to talk and see you today!
    And I’m so glad you are having the time of your life,
    you so deserve it! I am so jealous about the boating
    and swimming through the cave, wish I was there
    for that! I can’t wait for you to come home, we will take you out for PIZZA every night! Well Brynn please
    stay safe and don’t share a cab with Peeta!

  3. Grandma said:

    Brynn, Grandad and I have been reading your latest story with great interest. What an experience and how lovely to be able to share it as you so perfectly put it into words and pictures. I remember that the Isle of Capri was a honeymoon destination for the rich and famous in my day. Your weekend looked like a much needed break from homework and a lot of fun. Glad you got back to Rome safe and sound with such beautiful memories.

  4. Janyce said:

    Your Mom keeps me up with your blog – and makes sure that I read it as soon as you post a new one! 😛 Anyways, as you have probably heard… we are going to attempt to plan a trip to NYC together next year. You and your Mom would be the perfect pair to travel with my Mom and I. I can’t wait to finally meet you – after hearing so much about you! 🙂 It looks like you had a great time in Capri and Sorrento! I’m SO jealous – the water looks so warm and so clear! I love how you are keeping up with all of your photos, too! Nothing could ever make your Momma more happy! 🙂 Keep up the hard work. Btw, how’s the Math going out there? What have you been working on? I almost changed my major to become a Math major in college – but kept with Engineering. So I think I might love Math as much as you!

    Happy and safe traveling to you,
    Janyce 🙂

  5. Uncle adam said:

    You’re so awesome!!!….what a great time it sounds like you are having….so proud of you!!….loving all your pictures and you look like a hollywood starlit on that boat in Capri!
    Keep safe and sound in Rome, luv….Jill and I can’t wait for your next post!!!
    Love u
    Uncle adam

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