Goodbye Venice, Hello Florence

Hi everybody! Well, this is just a short update to let u guys know I have not disappeared, just been very busy! We left for Venice early Saturday morning and spent two nights there (it was beautiful!) and came to Florence this morning! It’s amazing here as well. Unfortunately internet connection here is not very good and I forgot my chord to upload photos! So I will blog as soon as I get back to Rome! (Thursday night or Friday morning!). I have many exciting tales to come! Including playing soccer against some Italians, mass at San Marco Cathedral in Venice, and as always, tons of amazing food! Get excited….haha.

Anyways, thank you guys all for your wonderful and encouraging comments! It really brightens my day that much more to know that this is being read and I have such love and support. Wish I could write back to each one of them, but time here is of the essence! Trying not to spend too much time on the internet, and more time enjoying this amazing country!

Much love to all! Arividerchi!

  1. Grandma said:

    Hi Brynn – I almost sent out the Italian police looking for you as we kept checking the blog………and no Brynnie adventures! We can’t wait to hear all about your travels – and so glad you got to visit Venice and Florence. What an incredible experience you are having – we are so happy for you.
    Mucho amore, Nonna, Nonno & Edgaroni.

  2. Kevin said:

    haha i agree with your grandma about calling the police, but glad you are doing safe and enjoying Italy as much as you are! we all miss and love you and cant wait til your back in California 🙂

    ciao bella!

  3. mom said:

    Thank you Brynn for your emails and encouraging words. I can only imagine as you take in the sites and the places that are so rich in history and in the church, how it must feel inside. Your face must hurt from smiling. Soccer with Italians??? who won? how many goals did you score? You could probably win the award titled: “most supportive soccer watching little sister” (or were you reading?) and now you date a soccer player — so? you must have this down by now?? huh?? lol 🙂 I love you and miss you, mom ox

  4. Tawni said:

    Brynn! I miss you so much! Ive been reading everything your up to lucky girl, rome, venice, florence, wow amazing places im so glad your letting me read what a wonderful time your having =) i miss you and be safe! LYLAS =)
    – Tawni

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