Too Much To Say

Wow, wow, wow!  It’s all I can say! We just got back last night from a week away in Venice, Florence and Pisa, where we stayed in the most amazing places, ate the best food, saw the most incredible sights, and had the most memorable experiences ever! I really have too much to say and too many photos to share, so I will try to put everything in a nutshell the best that I can, for my sake and yours! Oh, and as a disclaimer, there are many things that happened before this trip, but unfortunately I will have to skip out on blogging about them, considering this trip is coming to an end anyways and there are much better things to blog about!

So first of all, I will start off with Venice.  Venice is like the Disneyland of Italy, seriously! It was cute, colorful, fun and full of people! Oh, and it is VERY easy to get lost! But to start off, we got there on Saturday afternoon, and we were so lucky to be there on the weekend of biggest festival in Venice of the year, the Festa del Redentore!  Every third weekend in July, the city celebrates the end of a plague in 1576 that killed 50,000 people.  The story is that the people decided that during the plague that God wanted them to build a church, so while this plague was killing thousands of people, they went through with the project, and after it was finished about a year later, the plague suddenly stopped! So on this weekend every year the city feasts and has the most majestic fireworks display I have ever seen! It was amazing to be there and celebrate with the city on such a special weekend! The fireworks lasted about 45 minutes and it blew all other fireworks I have seen outta the water.  The next morning, I woke up early before class would start and with a few classmates went to another very special event, mass at the Basilica di San Marco, one of the most stunning churches in Italy. (You will see a pictures below). We went to the 10:30 one, which was extra special because it was the mass that was mostly done in song.  Being able to hear the choir and the natural acoustics of the place was so great. Luckily, I was able to read most of the verses they read and afterwards one of the students who spoke Italian told me what the priest was saying during his homily. He talked about the plague and how sometimes in our lives we also go through “plagues” which seem to us to be endless, but that we need to trust in God that He will bring us out of situation safely because He loves us and cares for us.  It was such an amazing experience, just to be able to be there, see all of the beautiful artworks dedicated to God covering every inch of the building, and to pray and reflect on God.  The rest of the day we went to lunch and tried some very “Venitian” meals. A lot of seafood, and even a pasta colored black with dye from a squid. It actually was very good! Although I had to pass on disecting the meat out of a whole crawfish on my plate, it reminded me too much of high school biology disections! That day we also went to the top of the bell tower in the Piazza di San Marco and got a beautiful view of the whole city!  That night we did not do much because all of us were very exhausted and many students have a cold, including all of my roommates! I am so lucky not to be sick right now! Pray that it stays this way!

Well, I will end this blog post on this, and then write a new one on Florence and Pisa so you can give your mind a rest! Ha, I really do have too much to say…

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  1. Janyce said:

    I am SO glad that you had a free moment to blog. We all enjoy hearing about your adventures in Italy! I am so glad that you we’re able to visit Venice, Florence and Pisa. It sounds like you went there at a great time! Your pictures are amazing – and it doesn’t surprise me since you have probably learned some techniques from your wonderful Mom! 😉 Thanks for sharing the story with us about your trip to Venice. I can’t wait to hear how much you loved Florence and Pisa! I also hope you don’t get sick… try to get some rest and drink Orangina! I think it might have enough Vitamin C in it, heehee! 😉 Well safe travels to you and thanks for sharing your experience at mass! Aren’t the churches over there just unbelievable?
    ~Janyce 🙂

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