Too Much To Say Continued…PISA!

Okay, so I will just give you a quick overview of what the city of Pisa was like. We were only there for a few hours, but we were able to see the church, baptistry and the leaning tower….and a lot of people on the grass “holding it up”…haha.  Before I forget though, the walk there was really special, because Andrea (our Italian helper man) took us past an original Keith Haring mural on the side of a building! It was SO cool, because I love his pop-artwork and used to look up his murals and want to see one! I was totally surprised when we walked by! Apparently he used to have many murals in Italy, but they were all destroyed by some crazy leader, except for the one in Pisa. Pictures are below!

Anyways, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually leaning! Surprise surprise. Ha.  As we were walking you could see it in the distance, positioned next to the church and it looked way cooler in person than in pictures! We had an appointment to climb the stairs to the top (not just anybody can show up and do it). It was REALLY scary! I was scared climbing up the Doumo in Florence, and this was much worse.  The stairs are all made of marble that has been walked on for years upon years, so it has become quite slippery. And you could actually feel yourself gravitating towards one side of the building as you walked up the leaning spiral stairs.  AND they were very steep and the stairway was very narrow. So for someone who is afraid of falling down stairs, this was terrifying, but I did it! The view from the top was beautiful!

We then went into the baptistry for a very special event.  This building was designed with amazing acoustics, so that if one were to stand in one spot and sing, the sound would fill the room.  I took a short video clip so that you could hear it!

Afterward, we went into the church and it was beautiful.  It was the same church that Galileo attended as a young boy, as he grew up in Pisa.  The story goes that he would sit in church and look around the building at all of the paintings and objects, as he probably got bored.  One day he noticed that the chandelier above the pews (there should be a picture below) was not still, but actually swinging.  He decided to time how long it took for it to make a full swinging arc, probably using his pulse as a timer, as that it how they counted during that time.  Another Sunday at mass, he noticed that it was swinging again, but making a much wider arc.  He decided to time this one too, as he figured it would take longer for the object to make a full arc if it was wider. To his surprise, it took the same amount of time as the smaller arc!  This lead to him developing the Pendulum Theory later in life, that the swing of a pendulum is independent of it’s amplitude (the arc of the swing). There, now you know something new!

Well, enjoy the pictures! Miss you and love you all! 🙂

  1. mom said:

    What a cool story about The Pendulum Theory! That’s so funny, and of course, always so complicated for my tiny brain!!! 🙂 I LOVE the mural you saw and the pictures of you are so nice to see Brynnie!! I especially LOVE how whoever took the pic of you “pushing back the tower” is perfect!!! so funny!!! That would be a cute poster in your room! But the water pics are amazing and you will have so many to make a memory journal with. We could work on one through Blurb or something!! That would be great! It def. looks like you are shooting on the fly, like me!!! We can’t wait to see you and thank you for taking the time to post!! I love you Brynn and dad sends his love too!! ox mom

  2. Dadio said:

    Brynnio, I really love your pics and writings, I’m
    sorry I haven’t kept up so well. I really love the
    one where your holding up the tower! I can’t tell
    you how happy I am for you that you are having
    such a great time. Great food, great places, great
    memories!!!! I miss you so much, even though
    I can’t wait to see you, I wish this trip could last
    even longer for you! well I guess thats all for now.
    see you soon. LOVE DADIO

  3. Juliette said:


    I shall connect the Pendulum Theory to the baptistry from now on!

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