Freshman Say the Darnest Thing…

I know I’m not a teacher yet, but I’m around students, mostly freshman, enough to know they have a way with words.  I basically laugh at everything they say (no, you’re easily amused).  While most of what they say is just dumb, (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) there are a few gems worth sharing with the world. And by “the world” I mean the three viewers I average per day.

Here we go:

(While teaching a lesson on the golden ratio in art and nature):
Me: “You know how some things, like the Mona Lisa, seem beautiful but we don’t know why?
Girl: “Ohh, like Justin Bieber?”

Teacher: “Okay, can anybody tell me what four squared is?”
Girl: (under her breath) “It’s a game you play at recess with a bouncy ball”

(On a rainy day)
Girl: (at a boy) “Ughh, you stepped on my shoes!”
Boy: “Well, you’re wearing white shoes on a rainy day. That’s like the worst thing you could ever do in life.”

Girl: (to geometry teacher) “I have a question. Why do girls like you? Like, not as a teacher. But as a person?”

Algebra Teacher: “Okay, for your homework, you need to solve for x in all three ways: factoring, completing the square, and the quadratic formula”
Boy: “Oh, she fancy. She thinks she reeeal fancy”

Okay, whatever, you had to be there.
Here’s a picture to make up for it up:

  1. Melissa said:

    LOL! the picture at the very end made this post! Also, loved that the little boy said the worst thing a girl could do is wear white shoes on a rainy day. Omg, hilarious.

  2. Beryl Gunn/Grandma said:

    I just wish I had a teacher like you when I studied Math in High School. My teacher was scary! I love that you are so in tune with your class and bring your sense of humor to it.

  3. Mom said:

    Brynn! this is hysterical!! 🙂

    It’s so great to see how much you love what you are doing and how creative you are! Don’t ever lose the spark you have, right now, for teaching — because that excitement for learning is contagious and even when you think that no one is listening, someone is. You will absolutely change lives along the way.

    We’re so proud of you Brynn 🙂 love mom and dad oxoxox

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