10 Things

  1. Osama bin Killed*
  2. Proof that I’m a nerd: my new pastime is answering math questions on Yahoo Answers.
  3. New favorite album/s: Man on the Moon (parts one and duex) by Kid Cudi
  4. Current procrastination technique, #2 + #3 at the same time. (Listening to the Cudder makes me feel like I can answer any question.)
  5. I need to figure out a stage name for when I am a professional rapper. My friend J-Con provided me with some choices, and I have narrowed it down to two: Triggernometry and Decimillionare.
  6. Worst fruit to take in your purse/backpack is a banana. (Currently working on a comprehensive list of the best and worst fruits for traveling.)
  7.  OG = Original German, according to one of the kids I tutor. As in, “Mr. B is an OG”.
  8. 8 times 8 dropped on the floor, picked it up and it was 64. You’re welcome.
  9. 9 is dead. Seven ate nine.
  10. Good news: I have had a basil plant named George for exactly one week now, and he is still alive. Which is a first. I said “Don’t make me regret naming you and developing an unhealthy attachment.” I think it worked. That and sunlight + water. Who knew?

*stole this from my little brother…he’s a lot smarter and taller than me.

Here’s a photo I found on the world wide web:

First of all, it’s a graduate school named Graduate School.

Question: Read #5. Which name is better?

  1. Kevin said:

    triggernometry! yeaaah boi

    • Brynn said:

      i think i’m leaning to triggernometry too…

  2. Melissa said:

    I like decimillionaire better, but I have a feeling there’s an even more spectacular geometric rapper name you can think of…

    also, naming inanimate objects always makes them thrive. i know this from extensive experience

    • Brynn said:

      I am still taking suggestions…just saying.

      And yes, apparently it does work…I think it’s the same idea behind naming a child.

  3. leslie said:

    i would like to say #6 is completely debatable.. pears pretty much explode when they are transported in confined areas that aren’t tubberwear

    and i dieeedd at the rapper names j con suggested. hilar

    • Brynn said:

      i knew there was a reason i didn’t eat pears…

  4. Grandad said:


    What about Math”Er”Rapper, or you could try RhombusRapper.

    Oh well.

    Luv Gramps.

    • Brynn said:

      Grandad! So does this mean you support my decision to become a rapper? 😉

      • Grandad said:

        As long as you enjoy it, it pays good, you leave out the 100 pounds of gold chains and earrings, the haircut, the baggy pants, the back up brother on the turn table, the lyrics and you don’t get shot, I am all for it.
        Please stick to math

      • Brynn said:

        hahah! “the back up brother on the turn table”…lol don’t worry Grandad, I don’t think have what it takes to be a rapper anyways. namely, i can’t rap.

  5. Melissa said:

    #1- A general “LOL” for this whole post.

    B- Perhaps the lack of nameage is the secret I’ve been missing on the plant thing…hmmm…

    #3- Triggernometry fo sho.

    • Brynn said:

      you should definitely try the naming thing!
      honestly tho, why are plants so hard to keep alive? this worries me if ever have a dog or cat, or God forbid, a child.

  6. Decimillionare for sure. That name has gansta written all over it. You’d sell a lot of albums.

    • Brynn said:

      an informal poll taken at a randomly selected high school that i happen to work at reveals that the younger generation also thinks Decimillionare is the better name! I think I’ll stick with it.

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