I Lie to Kids

Seriously. I like to tell my students lies. Hey, hey hey, before you start judging me, you gotta know it’s not a big deal (or “n.b.d.” as I would say in real life). This is because a) I’m not lying about anything important and b) I’m pretty sure they know I’m lying since I obnoxiously giggle to myself as I do it.

Here are some lies I have told my students:

  1. I’m 12 years old.
  2. Math majors are the most popular people on college campuses.
  3. The reason we keep the symbol for pi in the final answer is because using a Greek symbol makes people think you’re smart.
  4. I grew four inches overnight.*
  5. In college, “studying hard” is equally as cool as “partying hard”.
  6. My friends call me “Miss Hewitt”.
  7. I made up the word “apothem”. (Look it up)
  8. Tutors can only wave to students by moving our hand side to side, but we can’t do the wave where you flap your fingers up and down, because it looks creepy.**
  9. I actually gave them this list.

Also, I tell them this, but it’s NOT a lie (although I will have some dissenters): “Math is fun”.

*I was wearing my new wedge heels, and the little Sherlock Holmes-es pointed out multiple times that I looked taller.
**I got tired of telling them we can’t give them high-fives because “we can’t touch students” (it just sounds gross), so I just told them we have a lot of rules to test our obedience to rules.

Anyways, I got to get back to my current read:

Because I found out that I’ll never be able to afford to “just” move to Rome.

What are you currently reading? And/or do you ever lie to kids?

  1. Kevin said:

    funny post Brynn! I am currently about to begin Blue Like Jazz for the second time. Similar to your book, to learn how to connect more to God, in the way that you are trying to connect to being more like a Pope ha 🙂

    • Brynn said:

      looks like we’ll both be prepared for Papacy when the time comes 😀

  2. mom said:

    I’m laughing so hard my stomach hurts! Brynn you could always take this experience on the road? Comedy tour 🙂 But seriously, I’m so glad you are writing this all down – it really needs to be in a book called “Early Math. The Education of Miss Hewitt.” Something like that? oh! love your new read!!! oxoxox

    • Brynn said:

      brilliant plan! except that i’m terrified of public speaking…

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