Stranger Danger

Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted. Sorry Grandma.

Anyway, this is kind of a strange day. And kind of a strange week. Here’s why:

  1. It’s technically the last day of my undergraduate career, even though I finished finals on Monday (boo ya shaka).
  2. I completed my first reading assignment for grad school, which starts next week. (Oh ya, no problem UCSD…it wasn’t like I wanted to spend my insignificantly small summer break relaxing or anything).
  3. It was also my very last day at the high school I had been working at all year.  It was whack.
  4. Which reminds me that my students might be able to see this, since they have been openly Googling my name during class. Not creepy at all.
  5. Here’s a shout-out to any one actually found this: YOU WERE MY FAVORITE STUDENT! YES, YOU. SERIOUSLY. DON’T DO DRUGS. STAY IN SCHOOL.
  6. Back to my day. To top off these goodbyes, I had a meeting at the new high school I’ll be doing my student teaching next year. They gave me a sticker for my car. Heck yes.
  7. Basically it was a hello goodbye day. Like The Beatles song. And like that band that I never listened to in high school.
  8. Also, I was just looking through my closet and I found a door in the back which opened up to this place called Narnia, where I met talking animals and then became queen and lived there for about 60 years. But when I came back, no time had passed. It was weird.
  9. Just kidding. I mean JK. No, not JK Rowling. C.S. Lewis.
  10. I just thought there should be ten things on this list.

Any who…I would like to be this person more than anyone in the world please make that happen and I’ll love you forever and ever amen:


Okay bye.

Do you like animals?




  1. Brynn's Grandma said:

    It’s a big goodbye tomorrow and a big Hello as well. Can’t wait to see you and celebrate your life so far…….the best is yet to come. Love you oxox

    P.S. Being a Leo and partly lioness – I love those lions and can only imagine the sweetness of those morning love-ins!

  2. Mom said:

    Yay!!!!!! Amazing journey so far!!!!! And not sure if those big kitties would make mama jealous!!! She’s got nothin on them!!!!! Ha! Amazing video!! Love u sis and so fun to read!!!! Oxoxox

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