I don’t have a life because…

of Harry Potter.

Seriously, don’t even pretend like you’re not whipping up some homemade butterbeer and having a HP marathon.

Or dressing up your dog in a Gryffindor uniform.  No?  That one is just me?  In my imagination? Mmkay.

Because the HP 7 -2* just came out, my roommates, my boyfriend and I have been trying to watch Harry Potter and the Whole Series before seeing it in the theater. I’m not going to lie (please don’t hate me), but I stopped reading the series as a kid after the third one, and then I stopped watching the movies after the fourth.  The reason I stopped reading was because the 11-year old version of myself thought she was a literary critic and considered the first 40 pages of the book to be so dreadfully boring that she protested the entire book.  And by the time the fourth movie came out and I felt completely lost, it was too late to catch up with the books.  I would have had to start all over.  And since I’m a “book > movie” sort of person, this was obviously very defeating.

Anyway, HP still holds a special place in my heart and I’m trying my darnest to catch up so people will like me and think that I’m cool and want to be my friend.  Huh? What? But for realzie, as we say on the street, my free nights have been consumed.

*I heard this was the code name for the movie so we can talk about it in public and still sound like self-respecting adults. 

The Last Harry Potter Movie Ever: A season of your life coming to an end? Or no biggie? Thoughts, questions, concerns?

  1. Caryn Nichole Serna Robles said:


    I didn’t read them until I was 19 (mostly cause mama said no when they first came out), and even though it was a pain to make it to book four, I ended up falling in love. Seriously, I think that if you give them another try you’ll be able to read them from a different place. Now the whimsy is nostalgic, and reminiscent of what it would’ve been like to read them as a child. In any case, once I had closed the last cover of dh, I felt as though I had said goodbye to some dear friends.

    Since then it’s gotten ridiculous. They’re basically my best friends. And when I went to see hpdh7 p2, I ugly cried. Chest-rattling sobs and giant heaving breaths. I was heartbroken and happy all at once. Cause really, the story is incredible. And in this case (like almost every other time, as well) the books are far greater than the movies. So you can only imagine how great they are (as ANY hp fan will tell you).

    Okay. I’m done gushing. And I’m scared to reread this, since I haven’t had any coffee yet today. To sum it all up: I’m glad you’re watching the movies. But I REALLY REALLY THINK YOU SHOULD READ THEM. My enthusiasm warrants the all-caps move. So please. Just read them. And then tell me what you think. I’ll even play critic with you. ;D

    • Brynn said:

      I am in no way, shape, or form opposed to reading the whole series! As soon as I’m out of Azkaban, aka grad school, I will do just that!
      And they will probably still be a surprise to me, considering I’m extremely slow when it comes to movies…seriously. If it wasn’t for my roommates and Kevin, I probably wouldn’t know what is going on….

  2. Kevin said:

    great post Brynn! Definitely an end to an era, I will miss the movies but never read the books so i guess I am not a true fan, a “mud blood” fan perhaps?

    ps I cannot get enough of that picture, OCD

    • Brynn said:

      obsessive corgi disorder at its finest 🙂

  3. I’m a huge fan, I’ve read the books several times and watched the films and have them all on DVD. Really looking forward to watching the last film but I’m sad now it’s all over! I hope you enjoy catching up with the films, I’m sure you’re a fan really 🙂

    • Brynn said:

      it is definitely the end of an era for hardcore fans! looking forward to reading all the books one day! 🙂

  4. Rob said:

    I saw the movie but it’s not a big deal to me. I could take or leave HP. I haven’t read the books but the movies fail to grab my emotion.

    • Brynn said:

      I definitely think the movies are much more interesting for people who have read the book!

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