My Diary, Pt. 3

Here we go again…another excerpt from my diary, circa 1999.  This stuff writes itself, seriously, because it was already written. All I had to do was find it and take a picture of it. 

pg. 1

pg. 2


  1. Since Sarah wasn’t allowed to spend the night, obviously her Bitty Baby spent the night instead.
  2. This is a shout-out to all who had to settle for a Bitty Baby because American Girl dolls cost a crap-load. Holla at cho American gurl.
  3. Side-note: I permanently ruined my Bitty Baby months later while dressing her up as an “Indian” for Halloween. I drew dots and lines all over her face with a “washable” marker.  Can’t wash away the lines of prejudice.
  4. Anyways back to the diary. Dang, stop getting off track.
  5. 10:44 pm?! And TGIF? What a little BA.
  6. But…I chose to spend this time journaling under my covers.  Nerd.
  7. Also, let’s be real, the flashlight was just so that I felt cool.  Like Harriet the Spy or an Olsen twin.
  8. The second half of this entry can be summed up as “A Cry for Justice”.
  9. Pluse, you should be lucky I gave you my permisstion to read my journal.
  10. The perfume and cookies must have been pretty darn “expensiz”…seeing that I thought a LIFE SENTENCE was justified.  Sorry for yelling.
  11. Notice I didn’t say “ground for the rest of her life”, but “punish”.  Sadist.
  12. Lastly, “rude” is still my favorite adjective.  And if I’ve ever called you rude in person, you can bet there is a diary entry just like this in my current journal. Serious (Black).

Who is/was the rudest person you’ve ever met?  And/or what are your favorite cookies?

  1. Kevin said:

    haha “can’t wash away the lines of prejudice,” great one! Awesome spelling errors too, hilarious. Yet another great blog.

    The rudest people are the ones that don’t look both ways crossing the street and just GO. They assume we will stop, yes it’s true but that doesn’t mean we want to. Being a bus driver for 2 years made me aware of this and cannot stand it.

    2 favorite cookies: my moms and yours 🙂

    • Brynn said:

      if only it were legal to hit people with your car…

  2. man, that second grader sounds like the absolute worst!

    • Brynn said:

      just the worst…a genuinely horrible person.

  3. Brynn. I am in tears right now! i am certain i have diaries somewhere at my parents’ house with very similar entries! I can’t stop laughing. TGIF!!! hahaha we definitely thought we were Two of a Kind…and WHO is the nameless second grader?? I wonder if her mother ended up punishing her for the rest of her life

    • Brynn said:

      Sarah! I’m so glad you saw this, because I totally forgot to tag you in my post! Haha oh man….we were definitely the Olsen Twins, in all of their roles…the detectives, the sing-along videos, Two of a Kind, etc. We’ll solve you crime by dinner time AND sing you a song. And I have NO IDEA who that girl was…she probably did get punished for the rest of her life, which is why I never saw her again…

  4. Beryl Gunn/Grandma said:

    And all the time we thought you really wanted Bitty Baby instead of the more grown up American Girl dolls – you actually asked for Bitty Baby – a true self-sacrificing gesture, ha ha! I hope I made up for you settling for second best when I knitted a full wardrobe for BB!

  5. mom said:

    Brynn! I just saw this and I’m with Sarah, in tears, literally (laughing so hard, I’m crying and also thinking of you both back then). I wish I could turn the clock back and see you at the house, like that, all in your cuteness and nerdiness. I know that us moms loved every single minute of watching you. I remember you and Sarah were also writing a book/story together. I think it’s high time you collaborate on it and finish it for those 8 to 10 years olds today 🙂 Could be a bestseller series 🙂 Thanks for the peeks into your journals!! I love you! oxox mom

  6. Alas, TGIF. I watched that when I was younger. The shows may have been different though, as I think I have a couple of years on you. The jingle is in my head right now, and it’s your fault too. “Gonna have some fun, show you how it’s done, TGIF.”

    What about Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers?

    And speaking of chips, favorite cookies would be chocolate chip, naturally.

    • Brynn said:

      The 1990s were the best decade to home on a Friday night. My jam was Boy Meets World and Two of a Kind, naturally.

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