The Tuesday Ten

This is where I’m going to share ten things with you on Tuesday because I think alliteration is fun. And I’m going to alternate photos and sentences because I like patterns.

1.  I learned about The Monty Hall Problem in my class, and spent the whole weekend teaching it to all of my friends.  Check it out. (After re-reading this, I’m really surprised I still have any friends.)

2.  I took this at the La Jolla Public Library right after I got my library card and checked out a stack Mary Higgins Clark books. Proof that librarians can have a sense of humor.

Library jokes.

3. Just when I thought that I experienced the epitome of a yoga dude being annoying, last night I sat between TWO dudes (the only ones in the class) who thought that the appropriate distance between yoga mats is only about 7 or 8 inches.  During one pose, the only thing I was concentrating on was not getting stabbed in the eye.

4. In “Teaching Content Literacy”, my group had to make a Venn diagram of The Black Plague and AIDS. Nailed it.

Group venn diagram on the black plague and AIDS. Nailed it.

5.  On a side note, I’m still not sure how the aforementioned class is going to help me teach math…

6. Apparently, you can’t play this word in Hanging with Friends. Muggles.

Couldn't play it. Muggles.

7.  When I get a corgi one day, you can fully expect me to stop writing on this blog and contribute full-time to this site: OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder.

8. Two words: Mathematical Miracle. I dub thee “Blessed Grocery Purchase”. But seriously, has this ever happened to you?

Mathematical miracle.

9.  If you are ever looking to be bored out of your minds, go right ahead and check out the “teacher website” I created. The pictures are the best part.


10.  On Wednesday, August 17th, the biggest event to ever transpire on my blog will take place…drum roll please….Tyler Tarver is guest posting!  If you know me in real-life, then you know I’m always lol-ing over something this guy has written.  He is a math teacher in Arkansas (yes, people live there), but his blog is about much funnier things than math.  He recently came out with a book Words & Sentences, and is doing to 2-D Book Tour via guest-posting.
Read (or just buy) this book.
My copy. You can’t borrow. You have to buy it.

So this is what YOU have to do:

  • Mark the date August 17th, 2011 on your calendar so you don’t miss this guest post.
  • Read some of my favorite posts of his to get all warmed up.  I wouldn’t want you pulling any muscles

Dear Seth

Letter from my 13 year old Self

Email Forwards and Creative Sarcasm

Happy April Fools Day

What is a blog you highly recommend?

  1. Tyler said:

    I’m going to dedicate a popular 90’s song at a skating rink to you. Thank you very kindly. August 17th….when worlds collide.

    • Brynn said:

      That is so kind. Perfectly appropriate gesture.

  2. Kevin said:

    ha hilarious top ten Brynn! it made me laugh, cry and lizz (see 30 Rock for reference)

    and can’t wait to see what Tyler Tarver cooks up for us on August 17th! woop woop

    and I recommend your blog to everyone 🙂

    • Brynn said:

      People will definitely be lizz-ing on August 17th.

  3. Joey said:

    Brynn, you are hilarious..

    I only wish I could leave a comment half as witty as any of the above ten Tuesday treats (I too have a fondness for alliteration).

    • Brynn said:

      Joey! Joyed that you joined this jubilee.

  4. Beryl Gunn/Grandma said:

    Brynn, before you were born I actually experienced the Monty Hall Problem and I chose the right door #2. I got a nice travel trailer and a gasoline card with $500 on it. Oh and I love your teacher website. The class you get is going to be lucky to get you and will be inspired to learn math. Lastly #8 – looks like you just went shopping with just a $20 bill in your pocket! That would have been a brilliant purchase.

    • Brynn said:

      That purchase made my day, no, month.
      Also, I will have to let my professor know that you decided to stay with door two and you won! Beating the odds…way to go Grandma!

  5. Have you read Tyler’s post about his first drug deal?

    Had to clean the coffee off my keyboard after that one.

    Good stuff here, Brynn!

    • Brynn said:

      Haha, yes. Many hours have been spent not doing homework and stalking Tyler’s archives.
      Thanks for stopping by! Enjoying your site too!

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