Five Things I Learned from “Boy Meets World”

So I spent a large chunk of this past weekend watching the fourth season of “Boy Meets World”. I used to watch this show religiously.  I also turned out to be an okay person.  It didn’t take long before I put two and two together (I have a degree in math. So ya, I’m pretty good at addition sometimes).

I know my parents would like to take credit for my character, but I would wager that there is pretty strong correlation between “Boy Meets World” fans and non-murderers.

So here are five things I learned from “Boy Meets World”:

  1. Episode: Sixteen Candles and Four-Hundred-Pound Men – Cory promises to help Frankie connect with his wrestler father by feeding him wrestling tips to give to his dad at a match.  Match falls on the same day as Topanga’s 16th birthday partyCory fails at being in two places at once.
    Lesson:Don’t commit to two things at the same time. OR Find a girlfriend/boyfriend who will understand when you miss their sixteenth birthday to help your friend connect with his professional-wrestler father.

    Conflict resolution and compromising skills.

  2. Episode: Turkey Day – Shawn and Cory, in a quest to eat more stuffing, ask their parents to combine Thanksgiving dinners at Shawn’s trailer park.  Parents make things really awkward.
    Lesson: Don’t associate with people from other social classes. JK. (That stands for “joking, k?”).  No, but really. This episode shows that all people should be able to come together and enjoy turkey, despite race or class.  Just like on the first Thanksgiving.
    *Also, note to Cory: next time, invite Shawn’s family over to YOUR house.

    Arguing over who gets the stuffing.

  3. Episode: Cult Fiction- Shawn starts hanging out with a group that “is not a cult”, despite all of the creepy things they say and their hatred of laughter.  He re-evaluates this decision after Mr. Turner is in a motorcycle accident.
    Lesson: Don’t join a cult. Also, don’t join a group that needs to keep insisting they “are not a cult”.

    Shawn reflecting on being in a cult.

  4. Episode: Quiz Show – Shawn, Cory and Topanga star on an academic quiz show. When the producers realize that Shawn and Cory’s good hair and pop-culture knowledge get the audience excited, the show “goes from brainy to brainless”.  Mr. Feeny is mad.
    Lesson: Good looks and popularity won’t help you answer “Who invented the printing press?”.  I really owe it to this episode….it would have been SO easy to rely on my good hair and non-social-awkwardness. “I don’t know anything. I’m just cute and fun to watch.” -Shawn.

                                            answering “What is the exact location of the moon?”

  5. Episode: Learning to Fly – Eric takes Shawn and Cory to visit the college he wants to attend.  Topanga lies and says her aunt won’t let her come. At this college nobody learns anything.  A college girl want to “have fun” with Cory.
    Lesson: Easy way out = bad.  Mr. Feeny’s advice = good.
    BONUS Lesson: It’s okay to wait to “do stuff” with your boyfriend or girlfriend.  Also, don’t “do stuff” with a college student if you are still in high school.  Illegal in many states.

    Cory deciding whether or not to do stuff with college girl.

Did I miss anything? What lessons have you learned from BMW or other shows or other luxury cars?

  1. Kevin said:

    Ha great post! and I think there was something more to learn in the Cult Fiction Episode.

    As Shawn re-evaluates his life and prays to God, he realizes that “he doesn’t want to be empty inside anymore,” aka God can only fill this emptiness. And even though Shawn doesn’t reveal it the rest of the series, He committed his life to Jesus that night at the hospital!

    oh and after he prays for Mr. Turner on his death bed, Mr. Turner gives Shawn a sign that he will be alright! No cult can perform miracles, only God 🙂

    ps. even though we see this sign, this was the last episode with Mr Turner in it, weird huh?


    • Brynn said:

      Nailed it.
      Also, I did not remember that that’s the last episode he appears in….eerie.

      • Yeah, they just kind of dropped him from the show. Kind of like minkus… But they do reference him in the graduation episode 🙂

        This was awesome btw… I really want you to poll murderers to see if any watched boy meets world 🙂

      • Brynn said:

        Minkus! I would have liked to keep him on the show…

        And yes, I definitely will. It will be apart of my teacher inquiry project: “How can I use 90’s sitcoms in my classroom to promote learning and deter my students from murdering?”.

  2. We used to have BMW-watching hours in college. Mr. Feeney was awesome. Remember when they used to think Topanga was weird? Eric was pretty.

    • Brynn said:

      That is awesome.

      And yes, Eric is real pretty. At least before he went full-on insane and started talking to squirrels.

  3. Mom said:

    I’m so thankful you got to watch these shows, because they are long gone today and even though they were silly at times, you remembered some good life things about them. You’ll find the value in them and realize how television, movies and the culture behind them can make or break a generation. They really can be impacting! I loved Mary Tyler Moore, I Love Lucy, The Brady Bunch! Talk about a nerd and I’m thankful for that 🙂 love you, mom oxoxox

  4. Omigosh! I loved Topenga! She was beyond gorgeous.
    Non-sequitor: And I see you know Jess Buttram. She is very good at (WWF) Words With Friends. Just Sayin’. 😉

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