Harry Potter, Butterflies and the Debt Crisis

Harry Potter, butterflies and the debt crisis.

What do these things have in common?

Nothing. Sorry! like the board game. I tricked you.

But now that you are reading this, you might as well stay a while, right? (This is where you force a laugh, accept some of the expired cookies I offer you, and then stay to be polite.)

I thought it would be fun to do a post where I use math to describe some facets of my life.

Like I posted on my “new about me” and like I have seen on many blogs I read, y’all don’t like math that much. Sorry about the “y’all”. It just felt right.

So here we go…these are some graphs that I drew:

1. The exponential relationship between my responsibilities and productivity level.

2. The inverse relationship between my advanced math skills and basic math skills.

3. The hyperbolic relationship between my mental and physical health.

If you got to this point, you are my new best friend.

In other news…

I’m outta of school for a bit, which means a couple things: I have free time & I need to get ahead of the schedule on some responsibilities. So I need your help.

1) Give me your Netflix/Hulu show and movie recommendations.


2) I need to research ideas for a math workshop for middle/high school girls. Should be fun and rich in math content. (Stop laughing.) Any ideas?? (Past workshops featured Rubik’s Cube, Sudoku, origami, etc….and tied them in with math concepts.)

P.S. Thank you for all the teaching advice I received on my last post! You guys are the best. You’re the best around and nothing’s ever gonna bring you down.

  1. It should be y’all, not ya’ll. Common mistake. 🙂 Contraction for “you all.” Un-contracting it and saying “you all” in y’all situations is, however, a crime mostly perpitrated only by Hollywood people trying to portray southerners in films. See, now you’re edumicated righterly.

    I am inordinately cracking up at the phrase “hair radius.” I’m just going to sit here and repeat it to myself a while. Hair radius. Hair radius. Hair radius. Still funny. This phrase could last me all morning.

    Also, I’m your new best friend because I read all your graphs. Does that obligate you not to call me strange for the hair radius thing? 😀

    We, by which I mean the parents and I, just finished watching “Kidnapped: The Complete Series” last night. Very well done thriller series. If things involving people getting killed in a variety of ways, including slit throats and explosions, are on your “don’t watch” list, however, don’t watch. Or if creepy child-killers give you nightmares.

    The Stranger was a good old Orson Wells suspense movie. School for Scoundrels is a lighter, very fun British one. And I was recently surprised to find that I actually enjoyed High School Musical and HSM2, despite expecting to hate them. Haven’t seen 3 yet. If you have not yet seen “Sky High”, I just rewatched that recently.

    I have one movie I think would be perfect for you, but it’s unfortunately difficult to find and definitely not on Netflix or Hulu. When you find it on DVD, you have to be careful that it’s an actual US regioned DVD, as the UK-regioned one came out more recently and won’t work on many US players. Ever seen the old Disney film “Condorman”?

    I also provide this math offering, which I have not actually attempted to understand yet because I’d have to look things up that I can no longer recall. :> http://www.mathfail.com/2010/04/lord-of-the-rings-math-1.html

    • Brynn said:

      If were in high school, I would let you sign my yearbook first.
      And thanks for the suggestions! That math link made me laugh…I am the weird one now.

      p.s. correction made! asking for forgiveness from the South.

      • Aww, that’s sweet of you. I promise in our hypothetical highschool yearbook that I would say something nice about your hair radius in the note when I signed it!

        Also, because it flittered through my brain, I checked Google to see if hair had a hypotenuse, and learned that not only does it (an angular backwards mullet is apparently called a hypotenuse) but I also learned that you can Murder the Hypotenuse which is a classic plot trope in which part of a love triangle decides to kill his/her rival. More edumication!

        Hypotenusi – An ancient tribe of mathematicians (not really, but it should be)

        Did you draw “greater than three” symbols on your high school yearbook?

  2. Are you suggesting Harry Potter might be able to solve the debt crisis? I reached the end of the post and I’m still not sure of the connection, but I remain optimistic.

    • Brynn said:

      The theory needs further investigation, but I don’t see any reason to doubt his capabilities. Keep the hope.

  3. rob said:

    My wife and I just Netflixed Alias season 1 and loved it.

    • Brynn said:

      On my list now! Thanks!

  4. Jess said:

    Psych. As in the show, not as in starting to comment and then stopping and then saying, “psych!” Also Pushing Daisies is super clever. Veronica Mars, too.

    Also, Harry doesn’t have time to worry about Muggle crises. But if they gave me a wand, I’d get it all worked out.

    • Brynn said:

      I seriously checked to see if you made a previous comment. Thank you for clearing up that use of “psych”!

      Also, expect a wand in the mail sometime next week.

    • Pushing Dasies is a good suggestion. Unfortunate that it got cancelled, but still well worth the view. Odd premise, but fun. Occasionally a touch gross. But we all enjoyed it.

      As for the debt crisis, gimme a red ink pen and I’ll work it out. Most of the politicians in Washington would never let me near their budget with a red ink pen. Or scissors. Sadly.

  5. Tyler said:

    Never sorry for the y’all, never sorry it.

    My vote is Friday Night Lights, then we can do a comparative analysis of the characters and what they went on to.

    Ps Arrested Development = Raw Excellence

    Pss Are we the same person? Does your arm itch right now?

    • Brynn said:

      Right arm = hives. We may, indeed, be the same person.

    • If you’re the same person, she’s the prettier version. Though we do have many movies to testify that pretty and not pretty can be the same person, so maybe…

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