Hunting Advice

No, I’m not an expert at hunting animals.  Unless you consider stalking out my neighbor’s dogs for the chance to pet/stare at them “hunting”.

But I am currently hunting for apartments. 

Yeah, it’s the worst.

Don’t get me wrong. I am stoked to be living in a new place, in a new part of town, with two amazing girls.  But God sure is taking me on a journey of patience and persistence in this process.  But between praying, driving down the same streets every day looking for rent signs, and downloading the Craigslist app to my phone, I think something should turn up soon.

But since I have been at this for a couple months now, I’m obviously an expert and once again qualified to give you my advice.

Here are some tips for shopping Craigslist apartments:

  1. Avoid the Rerun: This is that apartment that is up for rent and “available now” that you swear you saw when you were looking two months ago.  Actually, you have seen it everyday for the past two months.  And it’s always “available now”.  Not only that, the poster needs to keep reiterating that it is a “BEAUTIFUL APARTMENT!!” in a “SAFE AREA!!” and is a “GREAT DEAL!!”.  There is a reason it is still up, and it may or may not have to do with what looks like a drug dealer in the Google-Map “street view”.
  2. Technology is your best friend:  You are on Craiglist.  This means you have also access to Google-maps.  Check out the address pronto.  Does “walking distance from shops” actually mean it is located behind a liquor store?  When it says “minutes from the freeway”, how many minutes are we looking at?  And when it says “great location!”, is it? How many houses on the block have rock-yards rather than grass?
  3. Make sure the place exists: Is there an address? A photograph? Sure, you found a perfect place.  It’s in your budget. It’s in the city you want to live. And it has a washer/dryer (this is worth about 546 points on BOARS*).  There is just one thing, you have no idea where it is or what it looks like.  And then when you call they put you on hold and make you listen to a local radio station and right when you are about to write down the number from the Cash4Gold advertisement, they pick the phone and tell you the place was miss-listed but they have a ton of places in your budget that you will absolutely love and you can only see them if you stop by their office and pay a small free of $39 per applicant and give them your social security number and passport.  I made that last part up, but seriously.  No pics, no pick.

I'm loving the brown grass.

*Brynn’s Official Apartment Rating Scale

What have you done in the past to get an apartment/house?? And/or do you have a place in San Diego that I can live in for a year?? Thanks so much. I love you.

  1. If I can manage to remember who I know in San Diego, because I have 6-10 California friends scattered across the state and I forget which one is where, I shall see if they know of any place or have suggestions where to look.

    Also, the grass is not brown. It’s Clorophyl Inhibited. If you’re going to be in CA, you need a politically correct term for it, right? Maybe we can call the place with the drug dealer Differently Secured…

    • Brynn said:

      We might have a place! But yes, I’m enjoying those PC terms…lol.

      • Well, if you find you still need assistance, I haven’t found my friend in SD, but I found that my friend in Virginia has a best friend in San Diego, so I sent her the blog link to pass on.

        It amuses me that I have these connections. I’ve only lived in 5 states I think in my entire life, and physically been present in 7-8. Yet I know people in at least 30 states and 20 countries. This is the good side of the Internet. From a little bitty town with one stoplight I once listened to a couple of NASA engineers discuss rocket science (non-classified, naturally) in a chat room for a web design group. How many people had access to things like that before the Internet?

      • Brynn said:

        i *think* we may have found a place…just gotta sign the lease! but thank you! and yes, the interweb is marvelous!

  2. Any advertising that relies on the overuse of exclamation points makes me hesitate.

    • Brynn said:

      Ditto. Still trying to teach my mom that one is sufficient.

  3. Melissa said:

    I’d feel hesitant choosing a rental from a craigslist ad…might just be an OK thing but the people who list under “Tulsa” aren’t the kind of landlords you’d want…unless you want robbers, drug dealers or potenial gang bangers as landlords. If that’s the case there too, try; we always found our places on there. Happy hunting!

    • Brynn said:

      Haha it’s pretty much the norm in SD! I figured it was probably way more sketch in other states.

  4. Grandma said:

    Should I still have hope that you are going to find us a cute, affordable, little place in an over 55 complex in San Diego or thereabouts? Seriously, I hope that you find what you are looking for with no worries.

  5. mom said:

    But you got one now ~ so the HUNTING was goooooooood 🙂 oxox (and glad it’s not the “yellow noisy one”) wink 🙂

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