I’m Famous

I’m famous now.

Partially because of the mathematically ground-breaking guest post by Tyler Tarver on Wednesday. But mostly because I was on the news.  Channel 8, ever heard of it?? That’s right, punk.

I was just walking down the street, gunna get a playa some ice*, when I was spotted.  Well, Kevin was spotted too, but he choked under the pressure. Leave it to the professionals, Kev.

The news anchor wanted to talk about the impending grocery store strike. 

Hadn’t heard of it until that moment.  Minor detail, really.

Let’s get back to how I’m famous now.  He asked me a few questions and I think I pretty much nailed them.  At the end, he said he agreed with me.  But they cut that part out. They cut most of it out actually.  They pushed me out to use more footage of the president of the union. Pshhh. Like, whatever.

I can’t embed it in this post, but here is the link for your viewing pleasure:
(I’ll let you guess which one I am…)

Grocery stores getting ready for possible strike – San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 – cbs8.com.

You guys, everything is going to be ok. I'm famous now.

Kevin and I decided our celebrity couple name should be Kevynn.

*Ice Cream

What was your 15 minutes (or 2 seconds..whatevs) of fame? Or what would you like it to be?

**Update: They added new videos, so you have to scroll the third one (the oldest) in the box under the player. I’m still not sure why I wasn’t called to weigh in on the new videos.**

  1. Congratulations on your brush with fame. Do you think they’ll let you play yourself in the movie adaptation of the walkout?

    I have to admit, my first thought on reading this was, “Wait. They have unions for grocery store workers in California? Really?” It’s things like this that give California its reputation for being weird. (Granted, the existence of Berkley alone would probably be sufficient for that reputation.)

    • Brynn said:

      I certainly hope they do. If anything, I’m thinking Emma Stone would have to do.

      • I could see Emma Stone being suitable, now that I’ve put her name into Google (terrible with actor/actress names). She was in Drive! I was one of the not enough people who watched that show to keep it on the network. Sadness 😦

  2. Grandad said:


    Normal reporter to young person street conversation would go something like this. Hi, what do think about the strike ? “Oh The Strike, well I believe like they are like a great like Irish rap group like real dope” So you did very well.
    By the way Kevin did super great, he had at least a nano second of fame, what they call a flash in the pan moment.
    Math grads rule.


    • Brynn said:

      I went off the ramblings of dad the last time grocery stores went on strike 🙂

  3. Whaaaaat? That’s cooler than ice cream. I don’t ever let wandering news reporters talk to me. Appear on TV for free? As if.

    That and I’m camera-shy and the southern accent I’m usually pretty good at repressing comes out in a full-throttle, fast-and-furious assault. Doesn’t matter if I have an eloquent three-point outline for my thoughts on nuclear energy. I still sound like a hick from the bass-fishing channel. (I think it’s called ESPN538.)

    • Brynn said:

      Sometimes I wish I had a Southern accent.

      p.s. the minute i posted a comment on your site, I checked my email and it said you left a comment here. now that’s ESPN538 right there.

  4. They must have updated the video, because I didn’t see them interview anyone.

    They did say this could affect “sixty-two-hundred-thousand workers”.

    I’m not sure how many that is, but it sounds like there might be more than we have in our office. We have 18-not-hundred-or-thousand.

    • Brynn said:

      Oh just checked. They added two more. But it’s still there hidden behind the new ones. You can find it right under the player. Thank you!


  5. robshep said:

    Congrats. You keep up your great blogging and you will be world wide famous. As for me I once got tweeted by Jon Accuff. It lasted 15 seconds.

  6. love it!! we were on TV when I was like 6 for a beached whale in Hawaii. we looooved those few seconds of fame! 🙂

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