My Diary & My Predictions

Along with my diary entries from when I was ten-years old, I also found my “Limited Too” journal from 6th grade.  This was more structured, meaning that it gave me places to record various things about my life.  Things I may want to know in the future.  Stuff like my most embarrassing moments, best friends, favorite colors and how dumb I was.  Yeah, I only filled out like 6 pages.  I really don’t know why anybody bothered buying me these things.

In honor of starting student teaching this year (yesterday was my first day of faculty meetings…what’s up?), I’m gonna showcase the “Predictions” page from this journal and then make some predictions of my own (click it for bigger image):


  • My first car will be: a jeep
  • I will marry a boy named: Scott
  • My grades are going to be: outstanding
  • Next hot music group will be: a boy band
  • Next year’s popular fashion: sportswear
  • New hairstyle: same
  • Most popular color: green
  • I will become a: actress
  • I will make 10 new friends.

How did I do?

  • Wrong.  But thanks for the Aveo, Mom and Dad. I look really cool driving it.
  • Wrong. (99.99% sure.)
  • Nailed it.
  • Hmmm.
  • Seriously? Just because you thought you liked this when you wore them, doesn’t mean they were cool.
  • Same then. Same now.  Same always.
  • Timeless answer. And very specific too.
  • Actress, teacher…I mean, is there really any difference? Other than talent, personality and lack of stage fright??
  • Just for that year? No. The rest of your life? Roughly.

Predictions for this School Year:

  • The first subject I will teach: math
  • I will date a boy named: Kevin
  • My grades will be: dope
  • Next hot music group: a mariachi band
  • Next popular fashion: overalls
  • New hairstyle: same (variation: ponytail)
  • Most popular color: blue
  • I will become an: actress
  • I will make 0 to 1 new friends.

What is the square root of 162?  Leave your answer in simplest radical form. 


  1. Grandad. said:


    The answer is 12.7279221

    If 1/2x +1/2(1/2x + 1/2(1/2x +1/2(1/2x + … = y,
    then x = ?

    Love, Grandad.

    • Brynn said:

      Simplest radical form please! And is that an infinite series?!

      • Grandad said:

        Calculate sum of infinite terms by using logarithmic series.

  2. Melissa said:

    LoL I think the things that made me giggle the most was “Scott” and that your hairstyle would be the same. I don’t know why, but they seemed really funny to me.

    What did Kevin have to say about this Scott guy?! 😉

    • Brynn said:

      I literally don’t even remember knowing a kid named Scott. I think I just thought he sounded like he would be a nice guy…

  3. Can I be your one new friend? Or did I miss the boat on that one?

    9-radical-2. Boom. Mathletes unite.

  4. Brynn said:

    Done and done. You win. Everything. Including my friendship.

  5. robshep said:

    I hate math, but teachers are awesome. My wife is one, my sister is one, my sister in-law is one, and my mom is one. All the cool girls are teachers.

    • Brynn said:

      Being a teacher > Being a math nerd
      I can live with that.

  6. Dang, I was hoping to be the new friend. Guess I’ll have to reapply next year.

    • Brynn said:

      I can make room for more, but there are no guarantees that I can handle the friendship.

      • Nah, it’s for the best. I’m a high maintenance friend, and I give very little in return.

    • Brynn said:

      I’ve always suspected Tarver was irrational.

  7. Someone has already answered your question who actually likely figured it out without a calculator, I see. 😀 The farthest out my calculator will go on the decimal version is 12.727922061357855439215198517887 with no sign of repetition yet.

    There is nothing wrong with retaining the same haircut forever. You’re guaranteed it will be back in style at least once every 20-40 years, because people rebel against their parents by inventing all the things their grandparents did to rebel against their great grandparents, while thinking it’s a new idea. 😉

  8. melferrier09 said:

    Great post. Kinda bummed your sports wear prediction was off…I would be winning fashion awards left and right if so. And I’m not even going to attempt your question…mainly because I have no idea what that question even means.

    (And no, you don’t have to try to explain it to me. I’d like to keep a bit of my dignity. K? Thanks.)

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