1. The only yo-yo trick I can do is Walk the Dog. Sort of. Except my dog plays dead.
    Yo-Yo Ma…ster I am not. See what I did there?

  2. Grandma said:

    I knew I should have given you the yo-yo instead of Max – remember I used to leave little gifts on your beds when you came to visit. If I had, by now you would have been a Master Yo-Yo’er. ox

  3. Rob said:

    9.5. You have Yo Yo skills.

  4. More than I can do with a yo-yo, and you have an infectious grin while doing it!

  5. melferrier09 said:

    Ummm 2? HOWEVER your arms looked totally cut as you were throwing that yo-yo about so that adds like 8 points…and if my math is correct that makes 10. So when you make it to AGT, I’ll vote for you.

  6. Emma said:

    Brynn, you are so great. As Hanna would say it, just the cutest! I used to be a yo-yo pro, back in the day, you know, in 5th grade. Glad to see you’ve been honing your skills!

  7. I can’t even make the thing come back up. You have mad skillz.

  8. I spent a solid 10 minutes today trying to find the best quality version of the clip from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Willy Wonka yells “YOU LOSE. GOOD DAY, SIR” so I’m not so sure your “dumbest video you will watch today” guarantee works in my case.

    Long sentence.

  9. Tyler said:

    that was all sorts of excellence. all sorts. of excellence.

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