3 Things

So it’s been over a week since I have posted, and I just wanted to apologize/make up a bunch of excuses.  This past week I moved, started school and started student teaching.  I fell off the internet bandwagon, but hopefully I will be making my way back on.  The dust is still settling.

Here are 3 things I want to share with you:

1. Two words: Black Out.  No, this wasn’t something we did at a football game where we thought we could intimate the opposing team by wearing black t-shirts but a small minority ruined it for the rest of us. This was real like the rational numbers.  All of San Diego (plus parts of Mexico, Orange County and Arizona) was without electricity from about 3:45pm to midnight.  It was chaos. Pros: we got to eat all the food in our refrigerator and class got cancelled.  Cons: I ate all the food in my refrigerator.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

2.  Look what I got!

What now, punks?

Our mascot is Zoro.

3.  This is the cover to the diary entries I wrote:
(The bears are not stickers)

It's like a montage of everything that was wrong with the 90s.

What are your best tips for keeping up with the blogging world?

  1. I remember when I got an ID for my first job out of college (and I say this as if I’ve been out of college for a long time). I was so excited, I was willing to overlook the fact that it was a terrible picture, because I was excited to have an actual ID for work. My pictures have only gotten worse since then.

    • Brynn said:

      I have come to terms with the fact that in no other ID will I ever look as young or sprightly.

  2. robshep said:

    Brynn, I missed seeing you around the world wide web. Welcome back. Twitter and a reader help me keep up with the internet.

  3. melferrier09 said:

    So glad you’re back–I was starting to get depressed. Seriously. No, that’s NOT weird. N-E-way…welcome back!! Love you!!

  4. Woo hoo! I liked that first part. You are funny.

    Yeah for student teaching- it is hard at times to share control and what not but it’s great experience and really valuable! YAY!

  5. Tyler said:

    real like rational numbers, judges ruling….Excellence.

    i just keep doing it, even if i think/know my post sucks.

    congrats on teaching, just remember, if the kids don’t get it it’s not saying you’re a bad teacher, it’s saying they’re stupid.

  6. I use Google Reader for keeping up with the blogging world (or pretending I am while failing to get around to reading them). Since the majority of blogs are on WordPress or Blogspot pretty much, most of the time you can just drop the blog’s URL in and get the feed for it into your reader. Occasionally you have to hunt a little for the right URL. But it saves having to go to each one to see if ther’s anything new, since it shows you unread posts.

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