This Week’s Best

[insert excuses for being absent from the blog world.  please forgive me.  i still love all of you and you blogs.]

Here are some of my favorite things from this past week:

Favorite Free Music:

Josh Garrels – “Love & War & The Sea In Between”
(download. now. yes, that is  a command.)

Favorite Driving Music:

Future of Forestry: The Travel EPs
The Folly

Favorite News:

“Arrested Development” to do new series, movie

Favorite Blog Reads:

Coming next week…cool beans? Cool beans. 

Favorite Thing Said About Me:
 Favorite School Club:


Favorite Student Work from “Create Your Own Linear Equation”.
Extra credit for the illustration.


What is the best blog post you have read all week (other than this fine piece of work*)? Feel free to heap generous amounts of praise on blogger of your choice.  

*Work = Laziness


  1. Kevin said:

    haha great things! 🙂

  2. Tyler said:

    how bout instead of the best, i’ll show you the last one i starred in my google reader? no? tough cookies skooki.

    congrats on the hermione, that truly is an honor.

    too bad you’re not in arkansas or you could be in our harry potter rap we’re working on. or maybe ron clark could start a hogwarts and then work there and then just give up tyler. no. i won’t.

  3. I don’t know how to read. Therefore, I can not answer your question. Good day.

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