What is A Brynn?
A Brynn is a person. Usually it’s a girl. But sometimes it’s a boy in other countries.
But this Brynn is a girl.

What do you do?
So far my whole life revolves around school. I am a student, work as a tutor, and gonna be a student teacher.

I am currently working on my Master’s of Education so that I can teach math.

No, you’re a nerd.

I got my undergraduate degree in math, but I also studied religion and took lots of education classes. So I’m well rounded like x squared plus y squared equals radius squared.

So, are you just gonna write about math all the time?
Well, I like it when people read my blog. So…no.

What are you gonna write about then?
Stop inerrogatin integrating interrogating me.

But if you must know, I like to write about teaching, dumb boys, my old diary entries, and things I can’t do very well, among other things.  I also like lists.

So, you promise no math talk?
I don’t make any promises.

Are you apart of any special clubs?
Only the most special:

P.S. I originally made this blog to document my time studying in Italy in 2009, which was probably the coolest thing I could ever blog about. So now I’m just writing about less interesting things…but that’s okay because my grandma is probably the only person who reads this and she likes everything I write.

Micah 6:8

Enough about me. Who are you? What was the coolest club you ever joined?

  1. mom said:

    Brynn, I am also your biggest fan and I can’t thank you enough, while I’m in my nerdy picture dungeon, for making me laugh (really hard) OUTLOUD. It adds to the fact that I also stop what I’m doing, on occasion, and dance around my room to club songs (don’t tell, I never went clubbing). Also? how do you cross things out, on the keyboard?? I think you are very clever for that and I’d like to steal this talent. I wish I belonged to your club. I think you are it’s cutest member of all time. love you and the blog makeover looks fabulous! mom oxox

    • Brynn said:

      jeeze mom, stop embarrassing me in front of all of my friends!

      jk i love you. i’ll teach you how to type like this when i come home.

  2. Grandma said:

    No, No I’m the biggest fan! Still laughing over the last post. As a math genius you must put 2 and 2 together when you run into nervy guys. Put “pepper spray” on your Christmas wish list. The name Brynn is of Welsh origin meaning “hill” which probably means you should learn to speak Gaelic. I believe that Mom and I could go into our storage and find more Brynn writings for future blogs. I know somewhere I have a letter of acceptance to medical school that you wrote for yourself when you were about 8. I just love it! oxoxox

    • Brynn said:

      haha this made me literally lol.

      i would love to get my hands on that letter…i wonder where i got into and if they would still accept me?

  3. Pepper spray on the Christmas list. Ha! I think I like your grandma. Just don’t make fun of me if I duck and run whenever she reaches into her handbag.

  4. Kristen said:

    I found your blog via Tyler Tarver’s today & love it. I’m also working on my master’s in Ed, but to teach English. I think we’d get along 🙂

    • Brynn said:

      There are only two “English people” in my M.Ed program, and I like them both. So yeah, we’d probably be besties.

  5. This blog, it’s…it’s…fantastic.

    Can we be please be friends? It will be like mine and Tyler’s friendship: the unification of English and Math. We could be like Captain Planet, you know.

    • Brynn said:

      That sounds great. People can refer to us as “BK”. I’ve always wanted a friendship with an acronym.

  6. Dustin said:

    Rob Shep brought me over. Love your writing!

    • Brynn said:

      Thank you! Rob Shep is great!

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